About Us

The goal of GROW FREE is to enable local communities to trade goods and services with each other outside the failing banking system so that we can build resilient, viable local economies.

Having built local, viable economies we can then start to trade inter-regionally and then nationally. Therefore creating  a larger viable economy outside the legacy banking system. 

LETS stands for Local Energy Trading System. LETS is a way to trade goods and services, both locally and remotely using an alternative currency. LETS has existed in Australia for decades and has stood the test of time and today there are numerous LETS groups including Hunter LETS, BrisLETS, Byron Shire Community Exchange, Melbourne East LETS, Maleny LETS, Perth LETS  etc

GROW FREE is similar to these groups but there are two major differences:
1.We are Australia wide and geographical location is not a criteria for joining us
2. GROW FREE is a "special interest" LETS group and welcomes members who are awake to the "great reset" and "new world order" agendas.

LETS GROW FREE functions as a support network for those who are vaccine injured or who have lost their employment and quality of life due to mandates. It is specifically to assist people to recover from the grief and challenges they experienced throughout the "pandemic' years which commenced in  2021. LETS GROW FREE provides a platform where these people can make their needs known to the community and the community can respond by providing goods and services without a dollar costing. 

Our market day picnics, guest speakers  and "offerings" are more in line with our freedom movement which sets us apart from the existing LETS groups. We do trade with existing groups and form friendships and share information etc but our focus is more specialised.   

LETS GROW FREE is about trading goods and services without dollars. Where trades are recorded on a ledger. It is NOT a system of “barter". It is like barter but better!  A straight barter trade requires a double coincidence of wants between two people where as LETS GROW FREE is a  “community exchange” which takes the pressure off a single person to repay the favour. It functions way better than barter and grows community spirit in ways that barter never could. 

What you will love about LETS GROW FREE

  • Low cost - Minimum $10 yearly membership fees as well as any further combination of $ or LIBERTIES to reach 20 units. 
  • Start up “Grace Bank” for new members. Essentially this means that you receive some start up Liberties (500) by way of an overdraft so that you can start trading right away. This overdraft is interest free. 
  • We also have start up “Grace Bank”  for “not-for-profit” organisations/community support groups that are working hard to educate and resist globalist agendas. These organisations have volunteers who have become exhausted from their efforts over the past three years. This is a way to reward them and to encourage them to keep going by paying them an hourly rate in “Libbies”
  •  Just your member number is all that is needed to trade with other  LETS members. 
  • Your medical status is kept private. We won't even ask. It is none of our business.
  • We have “offerings” on the exchange in line with your needs at this time such as prepping, how to buy precious metals, de-tox the jab tea, radiation level reading, wellbeing activities  etc 
  • Your “offerings” and “wants” on the exchange are not visible to the general public
  • You can hide your profile if you wish or trade using your telegram handle
  • You can plan a holiday as we are establishing a GROW FREE   BnB directory where you can stay in peoples homes who are of like mind and where you won't be asked about your medical status.
  • While we use an online trading platform known as “The Exchange”  we do have systems in place in case of internet outage. As LETS has been functioning in Australia since pre-internet days we have resources on hand to return to the “old school” methods of recording transactions.
  • Perhaps you have expertise or talents or passions in a particular field but do not hold formal qualifications in that area? In GROW FREE your talents are valued and you can offer your talents on the exchange and be paid in Liberties (LIBS, LIBBIES)
  • LETS GROW FREE is entirely community focused.  Our staff are volunteers and they receive no monetary rewards. 
  • We are focused on bringing more and more businesses and trades people onto LETS as well as medical people and organic farmers.  We currently have a very long list of providers (hundreds if not thousands) who we can access from other LETS groups and ours is growing every day. Each time we gain a new member to LETS GROW FREE we are building a stronger and more resourceful community. Come and join us here      https://communityexchange.net.au/joinexchange.asp?country=AU


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