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  Grow Free Mildura is a community-based trading system that allows you to trade without using your hard-earned dollars. You 'pay' for what you receive by offering back to the community goods and services that you can provide. We use a currency or point system which we have named LIBERTIES (LIBS, LIBBIES) for trading goods and services in our communities.  Some members, especially businesses, prefer to trade in up to 50% cash and 50% LIBBIES for their goods and services and this is acceptable. 
   Grow Free Mildura covers from Colignan Vic, through to Wentworth NSW and over to Trentham Cliffs NSW and all the little towns in between.
   Grow Free Mildura (GFMD) is a sub-group of the larger organisation known as LETS Grow Free Australia. LETS Grow Free Australia unites communities that share the common goals of 
1.  the need to support one another in recovering from the pandemic years 
2. the need to prepare for what could be difficult times ahead 
Apart from trading outside of the failing fiat system,  we focus on two main areas,  Community and Wellbeing.  We direct our “Community Chest”  funds towards these two important areas of need.  Through our "Community Chest"  we pay persons with expertise to facilitate programs and activities to benefit our members. Current and previous Community Chest programs include;

Bulk Buy Foods 
Bulk Buy homesteading Equipment 
Wellbeing and Educational Zooms
Wellbeing Medicinals 
Off Grid Living Projects
Monthly Trade Days and Markets
Wellbeing Telegram Channel

You will find LETS Grow Free Mildura via listed as exchange number 28
We welcome you to the community and look forward to making it even better.