Submitted by Administration HV on Tue, 01/16/2024 - 12:07
How to Practise The Human Virtue of Charity

In LETS Grow Free we value traditional wisdoms that our members can adopt and apply to their benefit in the modern world. Virtues are universally valued by people of all cultures and religions and are the common thread that unites humanity. Virtues are our inner strengths, the content of our character, and the truest expression of our self.  Respect, Integrity, Courage and Trustworthiness, to name a few examples. We invite you to learn more about the meaning and practice of virtues as a way to cultivate a better future for your individual selves, for your family and for future generations. We understand that human virtues are sometimes difficult to cultivate in the modern world.  In LETS Grow Free we have sourced a multi-faith approach to teach children and to remind adults of the goodness and self-reliance within us all.